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Georgina has used and promoted Wella and L’Oreal products for more than a decade and the end result is always a natural even finish. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, the Wella and L’Oreal ranges also include a wide choice of mixers to brighten up your look.

The permanent colour product is Wella Koleston Perfect and it is kind to the hair, perfect for covering up those greys or changing the hair colour completely. The application time will vary depending on application type (high/lowlights or full head colour), the developing time is roughly 45 mins. The semi-permanent products are from the Wella Colour Touch range and conditions the hair well, leaving it feeling silky and looking healthier. The semi-permanent colours need to develop for only 20mins. They are a great way to enhance your natural colour or add a subtle hint of red or warmer tones.

When creating highlights, Georgina always uses foils; they are best for getting closer to the roots and they warm naturally, so there is no need for added heat, which avoids over processing.

You can have as many different colours as you would like in as many ways, such as thinner or thicker highlights, more of a stripy look or perhaps you prefer the more natural look. Georgina is very aware of keeping the condition of her client’s hair healthy so when bleach highlights are being applied she is careful not to over lap the colour. Permanent colour and lights are a perfect way to cover the greys and also add some highlights, where as semi-permanent colour and lights are good if your highlights have started to look too much like a full head colour and you want to get back that ‘first set of highlights look’ with your natural colour in-between.


Featured video and image provided with the kind permission of Wella.  L’Oreal product courtesy of L’Oréal Professionnel‏.