Our Services / Balmain Hair Extensions

Click on this link to view the Balmain hair extensions demonstration 

Consider Balmain; the only company to guarantee their products for six months.

Hair extensions can completely change your ‘look’ adding dramatic length or creating volume. Georgina will advise you as to how to prolong the life of your bonds and will provide you with the right shampoo, which will help you maintain your new extensions.

For those with limited time, the duration for a full head of extensions is from 5-6 hours depending on how much hair you would like and of course the type of hair. If you would like to add volume, then only half a head is required and this takes from 2-3 hours. A cut and blow dry is included and this will help to blend the extensions into your original hair.

So, relax in the comfort of your own home or office, sink into your favourite chair, sip your coffee and read your magazine whilst Georgina creates a ‘new you’ with Balmain hair extensions.

Featured model images courtesy of Balmain. Photographer: Richard Monsieurs 
Hair: Laetitia Guenaou official ambassador Balmain Hair 
Assistants: Mariann Ivansdóttir, Sandra Krouwer, Anna Wojnarowska, Adam Garland, Laila Carlsen, Kristina Gunnarstein Jacobsen, Thierry Pietu, Elie Eliakim, Marine
Make-up: Anna Wojnarowska
Styling: LOF